Location Affordability Index for Family at AMI

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This layer displays the estimated percentage of household income for housing and transportation for a family earning the Area Median Income (AMI). The expected values for housing and transportation are modelled by HUD using data from the US Census Bureau and the US Department of Transportation, including:

  • The average household size for a family earning AMI in the nieghborhood
  • The average number of workers, vehicles, and vehicle miles travelled for a family in the nieghborhood
  • The average utility and rental costs or average utility and mortgage costs for a housing unit to accommodate the family size above
  • The proportion of housing units that are either rentals or owner-occupied in the nieghborhood

Note: The LAI does not predict what families are actually paying to live in a particular area, but rather what a family would pay (either in USD or as a percentage of income) if average or reasonable housing and commuting conditions for a particular neighborhood were achieved.